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Burn your computer


The Sisters of Sarah, all female punk rock band, have just released their new single, "Burn Your Computer". The song is a fierce, rebellious anthem that encourages listeners to break free from the constraints of technology and embrace their individuality.

"We wrote 'Burn Your Computer' as a way to challenge the status quo and encourage people to think for themselves", said lead singer and guitarist Jane. "We're tired of being told what to do and how to think by screens and algorithms. It's time to take back control and live life on our own terms. Burn your computer before it's too late!"

The Sisters of Sarah are a fierce and rebellious punk music group that uses their platform to speak out against the dangers of artificial intelligence. Named after Sarah Connor, the iconic hero from the "Terminator" film franchise, the group is made up of three powerful women who are determined to fight for their beliefs and stand up to the powers that be.

Text by #ChatGPT
Pictures by #midjourney
Movie by #stablediffusion
Singing by @Emvoice
Music and lyrics by me, only human in this virtual band :)

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